O =  OUTSTANDING


  • Student demonstrates above average and outstanding mastery of the science concepts.
  • Student is able to relate to concepts by sharing “on task” information pertaining to the subject matter and is able to make connections to other subjects and experiences.
  • Student follows directions and creates class work with extra effort and goes beyond what is expected.
  • Student compliments other students and works well with others.
  • Student is cooperative and helpful when working in a group and completes all tasks willingly and in a timely fashion.
  • Student always displays an appreciative and friendly attitude when working with peers.
  • Student is prepared with materials and goes right to work. No time is wasted.
  • Student is able to apply all that has been taught and is able to discuss and recall learned concepts as well as the activities meant to reinforce them.
  • Student wastes no time in casual conversation and keeps working single-mindedly on the task at hand.
  • Student is able to explain the connection between the activity and the concept.
  • Student is clear about the lesson objective and can explain what the final lesson should be.
  • Student participates and lends extra materials or resources pertaining to the lesson to make the class interesting.


                                                   S = SATISFACTORY


  • Student can explain the objective of the lesson and what must be accomplished with the activity.
  • Student usually goes right to work once the task is understood and completes all work.
  • Student works well in groups working with peers.
  • Student understands basic concepts in lesson and can relate information to other experiences.
  • Student can demonstrate mastery of the NJ State Science Standard.
  • Student participates in discussions.
  • Student is working at his/her ability level.


                                               D = Skill Is Not Developed at This Time


  • Student does poorly on tests and projects.
  • Student does not regularly comprehend the lesson concepts and cannot demonstrate mastery of concepts.
  • Student is not regularly meeting NJ State Standards in Science.
  • Student does not regularly complete science activities.
  • Student behavior regularly interferes with his /her learning process as well as others.