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Welcome to the Art Room at Brimm Medical Arts High School!

 Hi Everyone!

I will be using this space as a way to communicate, teach and check in while we are in a remote learning mode!






              Zoom:     Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 12:00- 12:45


                               Tuesdays and Thursdays , 9:30-10:15


                              ** Zoom links will be sent to you through Remind for safety reasons.


                             Use this link to come "see" me! Try to check in at least once a week.

                             (One on one zooms available on request)


              Remind: Announcements sent daily for due dates and other info, please check daily.

                              Pictures of finished projects should be sent to me through Remind



                   **At this time I will not be using Google Classroom due to tech issues




Projects will be in our sketchbooks for the duration of our remote learning. If you forgot  or did not get the chance to bring your sketchbook home, use any blank sheet of paper, like consrtuction paper or computer paper. Find something and keep them safe in a folder! Coming back to school with nothing because you "did not have paper at home" will not be accepted. Use lined paper if you have to. Your grade will be based on the effort and work you do!  




Since we are no longer in a daily class together, I can no longer give a daily participation grade. That means the grade will soley come from the work you do at home. In order for me to see this work, you will need to send me a picture of your final project. You may send me pics by email, text, through remind, whichever way works best for you, but send me the pics!! I want to give you a grade for the work you're doing at home!!






 WEEK 1,2,and 3 projects should all be submitted by Fri, April 10th. These projects WILL NOT be accepted after this date becaus the Marking period will be closed and final grades entered.



Week 1:

Weds 3/18 - Tues 3/24       1 & 2 Point Perspective (Due 3/30)



During the last week or so in class, we worked on 1 and 2 point perspective and started practicing in our sketchbooks.


If you do not have a ruler to use, use the edge of a book, piece of cardboard, etc. You just need a straight edge! If you have access to a printer, you can download and print out a ruler from


*Use this first week to complete the perspective practice we started in class.
Important vocabulary to remember:
    *Horizon line: The line created by the meeting of the earth and sky (think of the ocean meeting the sky)
    *Vanishing point: the point on the horizon line where all lines appear to converge
    *Guide lines: help to "guide us" towards the vanishing point(s)
    *1 Point Perspective: Uses one vanishing point
    *2 Point Perspective : Uses 2 vanishing points


Remember, you should have 4 pages in your sketchbooks at the end of this week
    *A page with 3 practice cubes in 1 point perspective (One on, one above and one below the horizon line)
    *A page with a scene in 1 point perspective (at least 3-4 buildings with doors, windows, sidewalk and
    *A page with 3 practice cubes in 2 point perspective (one on, one above and one below the horizon line)
    *A page with a scene in 2 point perspective (at least 2-3 buildings with doors, windows, etc)




If you were absent for one of the days we did perspective in class or need a refresher, google or youtube 1 and 2 point perspective, there are a million tutorials. I like the tutorials by the "Virtual Instructor" : (1 Point) (copy and paste in to your browser if link does not work) (2 Point)

The 1 and 2 point sketchbook work you do, will count as one project grade! Remember.....this will carry more weight now since I can't give you a participation grade everyday! You will have from Wed 3/18 - Tues 3/24 to complete the work we started in class. 


***If you have completed the 1 and 2 point perspective pages in your sketchbook , send pics for grading and  go ahead to week 2. It's Ok to start early and get done before time!



Week 2: 

Weds 3/25 - Tues 3/31       Depth Perspective   (Due Sun, 4/5)

     **This project is now past due. Submit pics ASAP**


*Before we left school, I introduced the concept of "Depth Perspective". We looked at the art of Mathew Borrett and his use of Depth Perspective to create "Holes" in his Enchanted Environments.

This is the link to the powerpoint on the art of Mathew Borrett: file:///\\\ccsd\migration\lwallenburg\Desktop\Using%20Perspective%20to%20create%20Depth.pptx


Steps to create the needed grid:
                *In your sketchbook or on paper, create an 7x7 inch box. (Watch my tutorial, link below!)
                *Using a ruler (Remember you can print one out, see above),mark every 1/2 inch around all sides of the box.
                *Connect 1st mark with 4th mark and complete down one side
                *Repeat this on the other side
                *Then trace around several of the boxes created and create your 1st "hole"
                *Use value to "shade in the hole to create depth.

                *Add your own creatures, architecture, nature, buildings, etc  to create your own "Enchanted Environment"


*Don't forget to send pics when completed for grading!


                       **This link will take you to a video of me

                         demonstrating the process step by step:**






Week 3: 

Weds 4/1- Thurs 4/9         Radial Symmetry  (Due Fri, 4/10) 


We have done Symmetry and Assymetry earlier in the year when we did a unit on the Art Principle of Balance


    Quick Review: Balance in Art: How the Elements of Art are arranged by their "visual weight"

                                                 to create harmony  in a piece of art.

                              Symmetry: Same visual weight on both sides of a line of Symmetry

                              Asymmery: Not the same visual weight on both sides of a line of symmetry


  Radial Symmetry: Symmetry around a central axis. In other words, the piece is the same side to side and top to bottom. The design travels around the space like a circle. Think of a snowflake or a mandala.


                      ** PLEASE: First watch this tutorial on Radial Symmetry so you

                           can see me do the project step by step and see my examples!!**




*Materials needed: 2 sheets of paper, pencil, a window (to use as a light box) 

                                Optional: crayons, marker or colored pencils


Steps: * Fold a square piece of paper in half like a triangle, then in half again twice more

           *Open and use one to cut out one of the triangles created by folding

           *Pick a theme of your choice (examples, insects, flowers, sports, nature, candy, food, fish, animals, etc)

           *Draw one half of an item on each side of the traingle, go over lines in something dark, like a pen or marker

             Only the outline, save patterns and designs for later

           *Using a window, place the triangle under the other folded paper and trace

           *Flip the triangle so it fits in the next space and matches up to the one you just traced.

           *Repeat this process until whole paper (all 8 spaces) are filled

           *Trace over pencil lines with a pen or marker and connect lines that did not match up perfectly, where needed

              Erase all pencil lines

           *Now that you have a completed Radial Design, may use pencil and pen to add textures, patterns, shading

              value to make it a completed piece. May use colored pencils, crayons or markers if you have them

           *Send a photo when completed for grading by Friday Apil 10th





Week 4: 

Mon 4/13 - Fri 4/17       Spring Break 

                                        Have a safe and restful Break!!




Week 5: 

Mon 4/20 - Fri 4/24        Photography Week!!    (Due 4/24)

Hi, Welcome back !  I hope you had a restful break! Time to get back to work!


I thought we would take a break from all the technical drawing we did  the last few weeks  before the break.

This week will be all about taking photos!!



           It will give you more info and guidelines, camera tips, grading rubric, and lots of example photos to motivate you!! This is the link:


In the Powerpoint you will find 5 photo challenges, one for every day this week.:


      # 1: Reflections: Take a photo of a Reflection in glass or water, puddle, metal, etc

      #2: Pattterns/Textures: Take a closeup photo of an intersting texture of pattern

      #3: Nature: To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, take a photo of a scene or object from nature

      #4: Portrait: Taka photo of yourself or someone in your home to express a mood

      #5: Hands: Take an artsy photo of your or someone else's hand(s) 


Be Creative and Have fun and enjoy a break from drawing!!



Alternate Assignment:

If you do not have access to a camera phone or do not want to take photos  you may do this alternate assignment 


*Write a 5 paragraph essay on a famous Photographer. Include their early life, schooling, obstacles overcome, what type of photography do they specialize and why, etc. You should include photos of some of their photos.  This should be written in Word and set to me by email.




*Your photos should be submitted to me through th Remind App (the easiset way)  or by email, lwallenburg@camden.k12.nj.u

You may send me 1 photo every day or send them all 5  at once. Your choice.



All Photos (or essay) are due by Friday, April 24th.!!! No Exceptions.





 Week 6: 

Mon 4/27 - Fri 5/1     Art From Found Objects!

                            Coming Soon!!!













Don't stress! Reach out to me during my zoom hour listed above or through email if you have a question and I will do my best to answer...this remote learning stuff is new for ALL of us, so be patient and do the best you can! I know what creative kids you are, so use your imagination and resourcefulness and we will get through this together!!


Stay Safe!

~Ms Wally