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Course Description:


The purpose of this course is to provide students with opportunities to develop and reinforce  skills in the area of Reading, Writing, Self-Advocacy, Social Skills,  and effective Study habits.This course will also implement AVID strategies that will aid students in their courses as well as their post-secondary endeavors.





Required Supplies:
  3 Inch AVID Binder
  School Agenda/Planner
  Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
  Black or Blue Pens/Pencils




Students are expected to:
Have and maintain their AVID binder and Agenda.
Be prepared for class and participate daily.
Complete all assigned work.
Attend school regularly and be on time to class.
Show respect to everyone in the classroom.
Have a positive attitude and ability to collaborate with others.




Grading Criteria:
 40% Participation
 30% Assignments 
 15% Data Folders
 15% Tests/Quizzes/Projects




There is no required text book for this course. Materials given during class are required to be kept in your binder.