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In the Remedial Room, we use strategies and activities that support the classroom curriculum. 
Most of our activities use a hands-on approach and actively engages the students. 
A question that is often asked is, “What can I do with my child at home to help support classroom reading activities”?
 Here are some easy suggestions:


  • Read to your child daily.  Reading predictable books such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear will motivate your child to read with you.
  • Use environmental print.  Label everyday objects such as “door”, “window”, “bedroom”, etc.
  • Place magnetic letters on your refrigerator.  Leave a simple message for your child everyday.
  • Play “Go Fish” using cards with letters of the alphabet.
  • Play “Alphabet Bingo” for letter recognition or “Word Bingo” for sight words.
  • Play “Concentration” with sight words that need to be learned.
  • Have a set of 10 words in a word bank.  Make a pile of “Words I Know” and “Words to Work On”.  Review them daily.