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Welcome To Leveled Literacy Intervention




This year, I am delighted to be providing  literacy support for students in grades K-4. We will be utilizing the Fountas and Pinnell "Leveled Literacy Intervention" program. It is a powerful, short-term intervention, that provides daily, intensive, small group instruction. This program supplements classroom literacy activities. LLI turns struggling readers into successful readers with engaging leveled books and fast-paced, systematically designed lessons.


The LLI program was designed for children who need an extra boost in their reading and writing skills to help them read at grade level. The goal of the LLI program is to provide a positive learning environment for your child while he or she learns to be an independent reader and writer.


In addition, we will be using the "Orton-Gillingham" approach to phonics instruction. It is a comprehensive, multisensory approach to phonics. Orton-Gillinham incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques to teach and reinforce phonetic concepts.  Your child's "gaps" will be identified and they will receive instruction at the appropriate spot in the phonics sequence of skills. This is designed to meet their individual needs.


The past few years have been very challenging, especially for beginning readers. I anxiously look forward to the incredible progress your children will make with these programs!


Here are a few suggested strategies for home reading:


   Read To Your Child
   Be a Reader Yourself
   Have fun with language and print!

   When your child is not very interested in the story-
      *   Read the first few pages aloud
      *  Talk about the story
      *  Help your child find a more interesting story

   When the story is too long-
      *  Read every second page to the child 
      *  Help your child find a shorter story

   Enjoy This Reading Time Together-
   Life-Time Readers Have Fun When They Read!!!