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 Mount Prospect Elementary School is a school of excellence in the Bernards Township community. Our school’s mission statement expresses our belief that we educate all students and expect excellence. We have high expectations for every one of our 700 children who walk in the doors of Mount Prospect each day.


Our greatest priority is the learning process for the children. We see them beginning the journey as leaders and contributors to a larger community. The partnerships they engage in at home and at school drive the interactions at Mount Prospect School. It is only through the efforts of many, that we can successfully provide positive experiences for all of our children. As we grow in this partnership, we join hands and unite our efforts and energies in preparing independent learners.


Mount Prospect’s staff is committed to providing a strong educational experience for our students. Curriculum, which is aligned with the Common Core Standards, is delivered in a variety of ways to meet the learning styles and needs of all of our students. Beginning in Kindergarten, you will find teaching and learning activities that are designed to foster literacy, promote understanding of mathematics, learn about the world we live, develop a love of science and integrate technology into the learning process.    


All students are given opportunities to extend their learning by using critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies. We believe that all students will be successful.

It is our desire to work in partnership with the community of Bernards Township to provide the best learning environment for our students. I'd like to invite all parents, guardians, grandparents and community members to become involved at Mount Prospect in some way this year. Volunteers are always welcome in classrooms, and through out the school to support student learning.


I truly am delighted to be at Mount Prospect as Principal this year. I look forward to working with all members of our school community to support and enhance the mission and vision of our school and district.