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   First grade students at Davenport Primary School will attend Computer class weekly.



During the month of September we will focus on logging in to the network.  Students will need to memorize thier student identification number (also known as their "lunch number") so that they can log into the network. Students will also become familiar with the porgrams on the computers and our school website.



During the month of October we will introduce the Shift key, enter key and the space bar on the keyboard. We will use Microsoft Word to begin word processing and typing our name correctly using the Shift key, enter key and space bar. We will also become familiar with the common icons for word processing.



During the month of November we will begin our Hour of Code (Held during Computer Science Education Week in December) preparations. We will begin with the basic computer science concepts that encourage critical thinking, logic, persistence and creativity. We will learn basic vocabulary (algorithm, program, and debugging), and work toward coding programs for our Finch robots!


December- January:

We will continue with our coding/programming. We will program our Finch robots after experiencing the skills needed during the Hour of Code activities. We will then move on to our Lego WeDo 2.0 kits. Students will build the robot and then program them!



Students will create animations using



We start March celebrating Read Across America. Students  learning about Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety. We will visit and  We will also use the computer to research topics using age appropriate websites such as



After Spring break we will begin an introduction to keyboarding. We will discuss home row keys and become more familiar with qwerty keyboard.


Continue keyboarding practice (focus on homerow keys) and complete our Benchmark 3 Assessment.