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Below you find rewrite opportunites for my class.  Please follow the instructions carefully and keep ALL of the original papers.  I will NOT grade a rewrite if I do not have the original copy/rubric/additional materials.  Additionally, rewrites should be handed back in a timely manner.  This means about one week after I hand the assignment back to you.  This way it will be fresh in your mind.  If you do need more time than that, please come speak with me about extra help before school or during 6th period study hall.




Wordsmith/Vocab Assessments:

In class I will give you the correct answers.  If you are not here on that day, please come see me, or use process of elimination and figure out the correct answer.  Once you have the correct answer, write TWO original sentences using that word and context clues.  Additionally, you need to explain how you used context clues in your sentence.  The example below shows what my expectation is for this rewrite opportunity.


For example:  The torrid temperatures throughout July and August dried up rivers and destroyed crops.


If torrid was my vocabulary word, this sentence works perfectly because I use context clues in it.  July and August are generally warm, so this helps to understand that torrid means hot and/or dry.  Additionally, it dried up rivers and destroyed crops.  Once again, heat would dry something up and destroy crops.