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Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies at VPAA!

In my 8th grade U.S. History classes this year our focus will be on the major events, people, and issues that have shaped our great nation, from the arrival of the first Europeans in the Americas, through the Civil War and Reconstruction.  Students will be learning this material through a variety of activities, and those who stay actively engaged will have the best chance to succeed in this class!


For the most part, assignments in this course will be done during class, rather than as homework.  Class work which is not finished during the class period will be expected to be completed at home before the next class session.  If it is, the student will still be able to receive full credit for the assignment.  Points will be deducted for work turned in later than the start of the class session following the one in which it was assigned.  With our alternating block schedule, classes typically meet only two or three times per week, so students need to be sure to keep up with their assignments and not allow overdue work to accumulate!

Any homework that is assigned will always be posted on this website, and students will be instructed to make note of it in their planners as well.  Unless otherwise noted, homework assignments are due the class period after they are assigned.  

A test will be given approximately every three weeks, and a quiz may be given during some other weeks.  Tests will always be announced in class and posted on this website at least two and usually four or more days in advance.  Most quizzes will also be announced and posted in advance, but occasionally the students will be quizzed about recently learned material without notice in advance.


Student grades will be calculated as follows: 50% "Assignments" (homework and class work) and 50% "Assessments" (tests and quizzes).  Any change to this format will be announced in advance on this website.  Assignments will be graded based primarily on completion, evidence of effort, and proper correction during review, not necessarily on the percentage of "correct" answers. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at  I'm looking forward to a great year of working with this terrific group of students!

Mr. Ken Kendall