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Language Arts Class Mission Statement




Students can expect to be intellectually challenged and stimulated in a supportive environment of mutual respect between everyone in the classroom.  Writing, reading comprehension, and communication skills will be emphasized, as well as critical and creative thinking skills.







Middle School Expectations



 Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Honest 

 Be Safe

Be Your Best


  Weekly Homework:  Article of the Week-

All homework is due before class begins. Students will be assigned an article to read every Wednesday on Newsela.comand it is due the following Tuesday by 10PM.  In other words, students have seven days to complete the activities associated with the weekly reading. For this reason, late work will NOT be accepted.  These assignments are worth 15% of their grade.  Students are to read, annotate in the margin, complete the "Write" section on the right of the screen and also score at least a 50% on the quiz.  Each section is worth 25% for a total of 75Pts. 75=100




Students are expected to read at least thirty minutes a day.