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Welcome (or Welcome Back) to the Cypress Lake Middle School Theatre Department! We're looking forward to another outstanding year! 




Welcome to Mr. White's Acting 1 & 2, and Theatre 3, & 4 Webpage! You will find information about the different Theatre classes offered at Cypress Lake Middle School, as well as a calendar of homework and events for these classes. This is an excellent tool for you to use to keep up with the assignments and activities in Mr. White's class. 



Acting 1:
 Students in this class will be working on a variety of different activities related to Theatre during the semester. Students will work on many group building and theatrical exercises to prepare them for classwork and performing. They will also have introductory work in movement, voice, and characterization. Students will learn about different occupations related to the acting field, different forms and contexts of acting, and different career opportunities based upon regions of the country. Finally, students will work on their first sets of scenes from plays and movies, to continue exploring the rehearsal and performance process.


Theatre 3: Students in this class will present a Winter Play in December. The bulk of the work throughout the semester will be in the production of this performance. 


Theatre 4 (Junior Thespians): Students in this class will begin preparing their one-act play and Individual Event (IE) performances for the Florida Jr. Thespian District 6 Festival in November. The bulk of the work throughout the semester will be in the production of this performance.



Classroom Expectations:
1. Raise your hand before you speak.
2. Use kind words instead of insults.
3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
4. Be on time to class.
5. Follow Mr. White's instructions.




Homework Policy:
- Students are required to turn in homework in the following day after it is assigned, unless otherwise instructed by Mr. White at the time the homework is assigned.

- If a student is absent, they may make up their missing homework. An absent student may turn in their missing homework either the second or third day they return to class. Students are not required to have the missing assignment on the day they return to school. However, it is the student's responsibility to find out their assignment from Mr. White or the Oncourse Webpage and turn it in by the third day they have returned to class.


- Mr. White maintains a late homework policy of 10% off each day a homework assignment is late. If the assignment for Mr. White's class has not been turned in after five days, the assignment will be given a grade of 0%.