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Throughout the School Year



Looking At Grades


Parent Link

Login ID: oldest child's ID followed by parents first and last name initial
Password: oldest child's birthday (month, day, and year- double digits)
(This link will allow you to see your child's grade averages, grades on particular assignments/tests, and what assignments are missing.  A "Z" indicates the assignment was never turned in and that they received a zero.  An "X" means that they were exempt from the assignment/test and this won't count for or against them.  This could be due to an absence.)


Grading Policy



Classwork that is not turned in will be written as a "Z" in the gradebook and is counted as a zero.  Classwork counts for a total of 40% of students' grades.  I accept late work with penalty.  Work that is one day late, will reciece a 20% grade reduction (due to the fact that I don't believe handing in work late deserves an "A").  Each additional school day that work is turned in late is another 10% grade reduction.  Missing or late work is determental in students' grades.  Please encourage them to turn in work on time.  Please check thier Google Classroom page and Focus or Parentlink regularly to see if they are turning in work on time.