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Thank you so much for sending in all of the wonderful treats that the students enjoyed during our math lesson today.  Since we are no longer using Dojo, please rememember to contact me in one of the ways below.  If you would like a conference, please let me know.  


In November, I have parent pickup duty, so I can not meet from 2:10 - 2:45.


 Ways to get ahold of me:  school email:

                                             school phone: 239-303-3003 (you will have to leave a message)

                                             Planner:  Please check for homework and notes.  If you have a note for me, remind your child to show it to me.  Sometimes, we get extremely busy and I don't have time to check 20 planners.


Quarterly meetings:  I would like to meet each quarter so that we can work together. 


I was so glad to meet so many of my new students and parents!  I look forward to an exciting year!



Studies have shown that the more vocabulary that a child has before they enter school, the more successful they will be in school.  If your child is struggling in school, let me ask you a few questions:


1.  Does your child have daily conversations with adults?

2.  Does your child have a quiet place and time to read and do homework?  Do you check it?

3. Do you read with your child at bedtime? (this was always by far one of the most enjoyable times that I spent with my boys.  As they got older, we took turns reading, until finally in highschool; yes in highschool they read to me.)

4.  Do you practice sight words, fluency, and other skills that your child might need?

5.  Finally, do you spend more time playing games and spending time with your child, or watching tv/social media?  (I know this one is a toughy, but years ago when I first started teaching, my oldest asked me when I was going to have time for them; as I was bringing school work home.  That was a wake up call and since then, family time and school time have been kept separate.)