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Welcome to our Second Grade classroom!

This year will be a busy one for our class! We will learn new skills in reading and math, as well as completing science experiments and many other fun, educational activities! We are also a Leader in Me school and will learn about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.




REMINDER: HOMEWORK: Students will receive a packet of homework every Monday. They have until Friday of each week to complete the packet and turn it in. (Our weekly newsletter will be attached to the front of the packet - please be sure to take this off and save it before you turn in the rest of the packet).


PLEASE refer to our weekly newsletter for important upcoming dates and activities



Place Value with numbers up to 1,000

Odd and Even Numbers

Skip Counting up to hundreds



READING Reading skills will rotate each week, and will see some repetition of skills for some stories.

Author's Purpose

Fact and Opinion


Compare and Contrast

Cause and Effect

Drawing Conclusions




Veteran's Day


Native Americans





Forces and Motion