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    I would like to welcome you and your child to Ponchatoula High School.  All of us can look forward to another year filled with exciting learning experiences.  Please consider this syllabus an overview of the policies and procedures present in my classroom.  The Ponchatoula High School Handbook and the Tangipahoa Parish Handbook are being introduced to your child during the week.  These handbooks guide our conduct in our school and in the classroom.


Environmental science is a great class to teach. The material is interdisciplinary and has a lot of real-world application. Unlike most other science classes, the teacher must spend a great deal of his/her time working with students' affective domain. How do you feel about the  importance in the topics you are covering? 


The best way to teach this course may be to focus on the facts, present the information in as objective manner as possible, and try to encourage critical thinking, analysis, and informed opinions based on science. The resources in this section hopefully can be a means to that end.

    I look forward to meeting you soon and I hope you will email me to introduce yourself and/or ask any questions or express concerns.


Internet access

Extra Credit:  None at this time, due to covid-19.

Your child is expected to participate in the following activities.  All activities will be assessed.
1.  Daily Bell Ringers
2.  Thinking Maps
3.  Cooperative Groups
4.  Practice  Test
5.  Journal Writing
6.  Homework

7.  Videos

8.  Daily/weekly activities

9.  Current events
10. Class quizzes, tests, six weeks exams and projects

Parish Grade Scale
93- 100        A       4 POINTS
92 - 85        B       3 POINTS
75 - 84       C       2 POINTS
67 - 74      D       1 POINT
0 - 66       F        0 POINTS