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. We continue to explore art from different time periods and cultures around the world; enhancing aesthetic values, visual perception and developing a greater understanding and respect of all people.


                                    Grade Expectations

                                     Follow Directions

                                    * Write first and last name and grade on all work

                                    * Meet dead lines -Complete assignments on time

                                    *Neat work - displays effort and pride

                                    * Respectful Behavior


  • Incomplete assignments must be completed for home work and turned in before the semester ends or it will be marked as an incomplete assignment and there will be a drop in the student's grade.

Dear Future Artists and Parents,

Welcome back to school and of course, the Art Room! Looking forward to a colorful school year and new lessons! Last years art contest  - "Think Outside of the Box" was a great success, so I will continue to conduct this contest for the 5th grade students. on a monthly basis. This is a fun 5th grade art contest. Please note this is not a homework assignment and it is completely optional to participate in

I will be sending home a random shape at the beginning of each month and it is the student’s job to come up with a creative way to use this shape and to make a unique drawing that is designed and colored well.

It is my philosophy that creativity teaches students that there are many different solutions to problem solving; not only in art but in all areas of life. The artwork must be completed only by the student.

This assignment will help the students to think of a different way to utilize a simple shape and to come up with a creative design solution.

The winners will be announced on the loud speaker for first, second and third place winners, and their design will hang proudly in the showcase outside the art room. They will also receive a certificate and a new pencil.

 Use the right side of your brain and “Think out of the Box” ~ CREATE ~


 Ms. Fackina



Parent Participation:

Parents, I have included a few websites that you might enjoy exploring with your child.

Incredible@rt Department

These sites are filled with extaordinary projects, including.

directions and instructions for you to follow. It's a great way to connect with your children, have fun and learn about the arts!