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Ms. Helen SADLER'S Classes

Room 408




7th Grade Language Arts

8th Grade Language Arts Advanced



Classroom Guidelines:

Take care of yourself

Take care of each other

Take care of this place



Classroom Wishlist

Old magazine (school appropriate)


Paper Towels

Crayola-style markers

Construction paper




Ms. Sadler’s Stats: 9 Facts

This is my 13th year teaching.

My certifications are in English 6-12 and ESOL K-12.  I am Reading Endorsed.


I am a Teacher Consultant with the National Writing Project.

I didn’t go to college until I was in my forties.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction with Concentration on English Education. Both degrees are from

Florida Gulf Coast University -- 2004 and 2006, respectively.


I am a published writer and an avid photographer.

 My husband and I moved from Northeastern Ohio to Ft. Myers in June of 2000.


I love Ohio, but Florida is definitely my home.


I love teaching at Cypress Lake Middle School! 



Comments from former students: 


"You taught us to understand, not just remember."


"You've made me a better writer, and you are an amazing teacher."


"You gave me techniques that I will be using in the real world, gave me projects that made me have a new outlook on life, and gave me confidence in myself and my schoolwork.


"My poetry obsession is all because of you."


"You have changed my way of thinking, and have taught me to grow as a person."


"Thanks for always sticking with us and helping us achieve our goals."


"I don't think I'll ever forget you because you made me confident with my writing."


"You're really good at teaching and connect well with everyone. Don't stop!"


"Thank you for believing in me."


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Any questions, please contact me by email at




Ms. Helen Sadler, M.Ed. and Imaginative Learner



Every individual is their own meaning maker. Therefore, I know that what scholars learn in the classroom is a direct result of how they see the world.  My role is not to change their worldview, but to expand it.  My vision and goal as an educator is to produce young adults who are powerful thinkers and excellent communicators. As a classroom community we will help each other grow in speaking, collaborating, writing, inquiry, reading, and listening.  Together we will explore the written and spoken word, and make new meaning through our interactions and support of each other.


More Bio Info

After many years in business and as a business owner, I realized I wanted to become a teacher. However, I did not have one college credit to my name. A year later I began slowly, taking classes part-time while I worked full time. Shortly thereafter, I moved from northeastern Ohio to Ft. Myers, Florida. I continued my education at Edison College, receiving an Associate in Arts degree in 2002. I transferred to Florida Gulf Coast University, where I attained my Bachelors of Arts in English in 2004, and a Masters of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in English Education in 2006. My first three years of teaching were at the middle school level, but then I made the switched to high school for six years. My certification is in English 6-12 and ESOL K-12, and I am Reading Endorsed. I am a teacher consultant with the National Writing Project, and have published and won awards for writing fiction. In 2006 I was recognized as a Teacher of Excellence in the State of Florida, through the Florida Council of Teachers of English, and in 2010, I was named a Golden Apple Teacher of Distinction, and in 2011 and 2012 I was a Golden Apple Finalist.  I am excited to be back teaching middle school and thrilled to be a Panther!


A college professor of mine, Dr. Thomas Johnson, always called out "Welcome, Scholars!" when he came into the American Literature classroom. He told us that we were scholars because we had the "leisure of study."  Even though I was working full time and going to school full time, and life was far from leisurely, he was right -- I did have the leisure of study -- to read and think about and discuss text that had inspired our nation.  Our young people are fortunate to have a free education in this country, regardless of background or gender. By using the word "scholar" it is a constant reminder of this privilege -- to use their minds, to live free, to question the world they live in, and to pursue their dreams.