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Pop Band 2016-17






Welcome to our site.

This is the Hopatcong High School Pop Band.

The Pop band was formed with the idea of combining vocals with all kinds of musical instruments students like and aspire to play. Student express himself or herself through music genre they can identify with. This is a program not generally provided in public High School. It is an after school club with no funding. The participants do not pay for any services. Some participants borrow musical instruments if they don’t have one to participate. We encourage any student to participate. If you feel you have a talent for singing or playing a musical instruments please join our club. This program is open to anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. We have open audition to determine musical ability for placement. This is our second year running and our members understand that they have to provide for themselves and commit to the yearlong program. The band performs at community fund raising events, festivals and holidays. They also encourage young musicians to continue practicing and even give them tips on what they learned in the program.


We are requesting for any public donations of any kind. Items we need are as follows:

PA system

Guitar and Bass Amps

Drum set, sticks

Microphones and Stands

Electric Guitars

Bass Guitars

Donation can be sent to the attection of Luis Mendez Hopatcong High School 2A Windsor Trail, Hopatcong New Jersey 07843 Cell 201-841-8982 "leave a message"


We are availiable for any public event. Any public donation is highly appreciated. Money will be used for the purchase of sheet music and equipment.


Up coming 2017 events:

Sussex County Community College Teens Arts Festival

8th Grade Dance Hopatcong Middle School



Club benefit:

This after school programs give the students an opportunity to truly be creative in becoming an artist, composer or a song writer. They get the opportunity to learn the practice of the music industry, entertainment law, entrepreneurship and professional development.













 Pop Band Performances


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Showcase 2015-16

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Second Year of Program 2016-17

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Pop Band

 Night Of Hope Fundraiser