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Welcome parents and students!  

School phone # (239) 303-3003

Attention parents:
If you need to request a parent conference, please contact the guidance office.


How can I improve my grade?

  • Turn in missing assignments
  • Correct your quizzes and tests
    1. Must be on a separate sheet of paper or test correction worksheet
    2. Include your old work with your new work and new answer(s)
    3. Staple your paper to your quiz or test and turn it in.


Homework policy: 

Homework is due the day after it is assigned.  Unexcused late work will be deducted 20% for each day it is late.  Teacher discretion will be used for unexcused late work that is 3 or more days late.  Students who do not turn in a homework assignment will receive a zero.  Students who are absent will be allowed to make up assignments but need to do so in the time frame set by district policy.


Google Classroom:

Students can review any math lesson that has been taught by accessing the PDF file located in their google classroom.  The PDF contains the notes, classwork and homework assignment plus the workbook pages in case a student loses their workbook pages.  Students will need internet access, however, to be able to download the files.


Remember, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.