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Welcome to Mrs. Dally's ELA Class!


7th Grade: Section 7-7, period 2-3A

7th Grade: Section 7-8, period 3B-4

8th Grade Section 8-5, period 6B-7


 7th Grade: Current Activities:

Section 7-7, period 2-3A

Section 7-8, period 3B-4


Review Literary Analysis Task while comparing and contrating the themes of:

  • "The Count of Monte Cristo" by Alexandre Dumas; and
  • "Blessings"by Mary Hall Surface


Eighth Grade Current Activities

 section 8-5, period 6B-7


Review Research Simulation Task while comparing and contrasting author's purpose in:

  • "Elephants Can Lend a Helping Trunk" by Virginia Morell;
  • an excert from "Elephants Know When They need a Helping trunk in a Cooperative Task" by Josua M. Plotnik; and
  • "Elephants Console Each other" by Virginia Morell






7th Grade:

 2019 Benchmark Video





About Mrs. Dally


Mrs. Dally earned her Bachelor's Degree, with Magna Cum Laude honors, in 2003 in English and Secondary Education.  She then completed her Master's Degree in Literacy and Supervision in 2013, where she was honored as the Graduate Student Commencement Speaker. In her speech at the Izod Center, Mrs. Dally spoke of the importance of integrating English Language Arts and technology throughout the curriculum to best prepare students for college and careers. Mrs. Dally lives nearby in Rockaway with her husband, daughter, twin sons, and dog. Life is good.