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Math Supply List 

Please bring the following items to class each day:




Please bring these items to class every day:


  • A  1.5-2 inch, 3-ring binder with 4 subject dividers labeled:


                        Agendas, Classwork (CW),  Homework (HW), and Graded Work (GW)


  • Plenty of notebook paper (Reinforcements would be helpful for ripped holes.)
  • A pencil pouch with:


-       at least 3 pencils (extra pencil top erasers are helpful too)


-       mini-pencil sharpener (optional but helpful as the classroom sharpener may not be reliable.)


-       at least 3 dry-erase markers


-       at least 3 colored pencils or pens


  • Student assignment planner




* Note:  A calculator will be provided for you to use each day during class but you should have a scientific calculator to use at home for your homework.