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Welcome to 7th grade and the exciting Big Ideas Math Program! The Big Ideas Math series, which is closely aligned to the Common Core State Standards, presents all students with highly motivating and relevant math problems.  Incorporated throughout the series is the depth and rigor students need in order to be prepared for future college and careers, as well as with the skills needed to meet the challenges of the current standardized testing.


To be successful in this program, students will need to be responsible and hard-working.  All homework must be thoroughly completed and corrected, all lessons missed due to absence made up as soon as possible, and extra help sessions should be attended as often as necessary for extra reinforcement.


Students are expected to come into seventh grade with certain pre-requisite skills. If there are weak skill areas, students should be putting in extra practice time on their own to improve these deficits.


 To ensure the development of mathematically proficient students, all teachers will be emphasizing the use of best math practices in student work. These practices can be found on page vi in the student textbook and will be reinforced throughout each unit.

The goal is for all students to deeply understand the mathematics they are learning. Students will be challenged to explain their thought processes and ideas in both their oral and written responses.    


Let’s make this a great year together!


Math Class Supply List

Please bring these items to class every day:

  • A  1.5-2 inch, 3-ring binder with 4 subject dividers labeled:

     Agendas, Classwork, Homework, and  Graded Work

  • Plenty of notebook paper (Reinforcements would be helpful for ripped holes.)
  • A pencil pouch with:

-       at least 3 pencils (extra pencil top erasers are helpful too)

-       mini-pencil sharpener (optional but the classroom sharpener may not be reliable.)

-       at least 3 dry-erase markers & small rag or sock for erasing

-       at least 3 colored pencils or pens (for graphing and correcting homework)

  • Student assignment planner


Classroom Expectations


While students are expected to follow all policies in the student handbook, the following expectations deserve special mention:


-       Be courteous and cooperative.  Treat each other respectfully and refrain from negative comments.

-       Leave gum and candy at home.  Keep your cell phone off during class.

-       Take an active role in your learning!  Raise your hand often with answers or questions. 

-       Set high expectations for yourself and your classmates.


Homework Expectations


v  The purpose of homework is to practice; therefore, homework is graded based on effort in completion and not accuracy.  It is assigned at least 4 times per week and you should expect to spend about 20-30 minutes on each assignment. 


v  Each homework assignment will be worth 1 points

All 3 points will be earned if you complete all of the following steps:      

                        1)  Use only a pencil and complete your work neatly.

2)  Write the proper heading at the top of your paper (see sample below).

3)  Write out the original problem (from the textbook) before starting to solve.

4)  Show work for each problem and circle the final answer.

5)  Attempt every problem.  No blank spaces!

6)  Check your work using the “selected answers” provided by your textbook or teacher.


*  Please use the following heading for all assignments:

  Name                                                                             Date

  Assignment (Section/Page #)                                          Math Period #


*  Any missed assignments from a particular week must be made up by the following Monday in order to earn any credit (unless absent).  (For example, if you miss Tuesday’s homework, turning it in on Wednesday will give you half credit.  If you turn it in by Monday (after the weekend), you earn effort credit.  It will no longer be accepted after Monday.  Each week should start with a clean slate!


*  If you need help with your homework or you have been absent for a lesson, go to and use the lesson tutorial for that particular chapter and section.


Grading System

When each graded assignment is returned, it should be placed in the “graded work” section of your binder.  Your marking period grade will be based on tests, quizzes, homework, written responses, binder checks, homework checks, and extra credit problems.

If you miss a test/quiz due to an absence, it is assumed that you will make it up on the day that you return.  If you are unable to take the assessment due to an extended absence or another reason, come see me to discuss your options before class.  Makeup tests/quizzes should not be taken during class time because you will be missing the new lesson for the day.  You are expected to take it at lunchtime or at a time agreed upon with the teacher.


Important reminder:  Grades can be accessed online!  Please make sure to check your overall grade every two weeks.  Although new grades will not be posted daily, every effort will be made to post major assignments as quickly as possible.  Homework will be posted approx. every two weeks with late/absent work taking several weeks to update.    


Extra Help Sessions

Extra help is provided on a weekly basis.  Specific dates and times will be listed on the weekly agenda and will be posted on the website. 


Please note that any student work or artifacts (such as tests, quizzes, or projects) will be disposed of by the district is not collected by September 15th of the following year (8th grade).