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Miss Debbie Quinlan 

 Librarian/Media Specialist



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"I was brought up in an atmosphere of books, standard books and current books, and no book was forbidden me."

~ Eleanor Roosevelt


 "To become college and career ready, students must grapple with works of exceptional craft and thought whose range extends across genres, cultures, and centuries. Such works offer profound insights into the human condition and serve as models for students’ own thinking and writing. Along with high-quality contemporary works, these texts should be chosen from among seminal U.S. documents, the classics of American literature, and the timeless dramas of Shakespeare. Through wide and deep reading of literature and literary nonfiction of steadily increasing sophistication, students gain a reservoir of literary and cultural knowledge, references, and images; the ability to evaluate intricate arguments; and the capacity to surmount the challenges posed by complex texts."

 ~ New Jersey Student Learning Standards for English Language Arts


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