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"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." 

~ Albert Einstein




Ms. Vanessa Andresen

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Your Weight on Other Worlds







Winning patch presented to the Buehler Challenger Center....








 All things MOON!!!






My sand collection is growing thanks to you....








Demonstrating our knowledge
of Lunar & Solar Eclipses...











Pen Pal letter have arrived from Hong Kong & Paris.....










Working hard to prepare for the World Fair
Can't wait to show you what we have learned!










Building Circuits!!!







First round of Pen Pal Letters sent
to Paris, Hong Kong, and Poland!!!!








Veterans' Day Project! 







Fun with Dry Ice!
































Thermal Expansion & Contraction Demonstration


































We are very excited to begin writing our first letters to our international penpals from Paris, Hong Kong and Poland!!!






The "Atoms" Family Song 

The "Atoms" Family Lyrics





Leaning about surface tension:



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Your Weight on Other World


















 School Year 2015-2016:





Live Webcams in Italy Website





5th graders planting our Wanaque School vegetable garden...



New Arrival!!

Our French Pen Pals never disappoint!

Lots of awesome letters, gifts and treats!




5th Grade World Fair.....







Round 2 from FRANCE!!


Super Excited!!







Series & Parallel Circuits






Our letters from FRANCE arrived today!!

We were so excited to receive our first letters

from our international pen pals!!  

Thank you Mrs. H for helping us connect!!




 Separating Mixtures - Sand and Salt

1.  Disolve the salt in water - sand is not soluable.

2.  Use a filter to separate the sand from the water 

the sand particles are too big to fit through, while the 

salt filters through with the water.

3.  Bring water to its boiling point - the water will

evaporate while the salt remains.




Suspension - particles in a suspension will settle out








Major shout out goes to Izzy for going above and beyond!!  She took today's lesson and created an awesome video!  

Check it out here:

Way to go! 





 Yakko's World

The "Atoms" Family Song 

The "Atoms" Family Lyrics





Geography Map Games:


World Geography Games

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Dancing Ghost Project

The build up of electrons (negative) on the balloon will attract

the positive charge of the tissue ghost and make it reach toward the balloon.





Constellation Project Websites:

Windows to the Universe:


Some Myths:







Winning Patch!!!!!.......

Congrats Izzy!!




The Making of a Comet.....

Comets are made of ice, frozen gases, dust, and other organic material.

(a dirty snowball)

As a comet approaches the Sun, a tail becomes visible due to the solar wind.


Solar Eclipse:


Lunar Eclipse:




Dear Parents/Guardians - THANK YOU for doing such a great job on your Buehler homework!!  Your kids and I truly appreciate you being a part of our classroom!!
Keep up the good work ;o)


Map Games:


World Geography Games

World Map Games



Video:  Difference between solar & lunar eclipse


TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE - SEPT 27th-28th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


First Day of Fall 2015:  The Autumnal Equinox


Your Weight on Other Worlds

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