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Welcome to American History!


We will be exploring the world from the explorers to the birth of our country. Below are some links that will make you year run smoothly.


On-line Textbook  


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Explorer Project Links 


Slavery in Colonial America




Quizlet American History II


DOI Project Links 


American Revolution - Scavenger Hunt 



American Revolution - Important People 




Supreme Court Justices 


Research Paper Note Cards- 7th

  american revolution notecard.docx


Research Paper Outline- 7th

  AR Outline 

 Research Paper Outline- 8th

  ANC Past and PresentOutline.docx  

  Arlington monument and memorial.docx  

  Capitol Outline.docx  

  Lincoln.docx  (use this for Jefferson, Washington, Iwo Jima, and Lincoln)

  white house Outline.docx  



Civil War