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High School Health


Health and Wellness class, presents to students factual knowledge, opportunities to develop communication skills, practice in decision-making, goal setting and conflict management, and creates awareness of the contemporary social issues facing men and women today.  This course will help students, who are confronted with a quickly changing and varied society, learn how to direct their own lives in a way which is consistent with family and personal values. 
Below is a list of some of the areas we will be addressing:

-Personal Health

-Disease Prevention and Control


-Tobacco, Alcohol, and Other Drug Use

-Injury and Violence Prevention

-Mental and Emotional Health

-Consumer Health

-Healthy Relationships

-Community and Environmental Health

-Family Life                   

-Strengthening Relationships with Family and Friends

-Living with Feelings and Handling Stress

-Protecting Oneself and Others

-Preventing Aids

-Preventing Injuries

-Violence Prevention

-CPR/First Aid

**Students' will be graded on participation of class activities and assignment, along with dresses out daily  in PE uniform.  See grading policies.