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Unit 1, Week 1 "Because of Winn-Dixie"

 admire,  magnet,  contest,  method,  custom,  rally,  soccer,  engine,  sudden,  finger

accident,  mitten,  intend,  fabric,  flatten,  rascal,  gutter,  mammal,  happen,  cannon

Bonus: dungeon,  magnify



Unit 1, Week 2 "Lewis and Clark and Me" 

sigh,  right,  weigh,  eight,  detail,  height,  spray,  braid,  bait,  grain

slight,  thigh,  tight,  raisin,  trait,  highway,  frighten,  dismay,  freight,  sleigh

Bonus: mayonnaise,  campaign


Unit 1, Week 3 "On the Banks of Plum Creek"

sweet,  each,  three,  least,  freedom,  below,  throat,  float,  foam,  flown,  

greet,  season,  croak,  shallow,  eagle,  indeed,  rainbow,  grown,  seaweed,  hollow

Bonus: Halloween, speedometer


Unit 1, Week 4 "The Horned Toad Prince" 

prairie,  calorie,  honey,  valley,  money,  finally,  movie,  country,  empty,  city,  

rookie,  hockey,  collie,  breezy,  jury,  balcony,  steady,  alley,  trolley,  misty

Bonus: frequency, journey


Unit 1, Week 5 "Letter Home from Yosemite" 

usual,  huge,  flute,  mood,  smooth,  threw,  afternoon,  scooter,  juice,  cruise

truth,  bruise,  cruel,  excuse,  pupil,  groove,  confuse,  humor,  duty,  curfew

Bonus: influence,  accumulate