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Covid-19 Assignment 2 - Packet 2 from each teacher, will be available Tuesday, 4/21 and Wednesday, 4/22 for the students. Parents can pick them up between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. on those days. We will also be accepting students’ work for Packet 1 on those days. There will be boxes in the auditorium with each teacher's name on them. This is where you are to leave the student's work.


I have tried to make contact with the students I teach through their e-mail. Students, if you have not already done so, please check your e-mail and reply to me.



Covid-19 Assignment -A 4 week packet has been put together for your student. It will be available for you to pick up in the office between 8:00 and 12:00 from now through Monday, 3/23. Please e-mail me should you have any questions.


Packet Outline


I. - Ch. 11 Taking and Studying Notes

II. Ch. 12  Taking Tests


Reading Comprehension


I. How do you Handle Stress

II. Taking the World by Storm

III. Passing the Test


Google Classroom


I've been working with google classroom to try to get some communication going between the students and myself. I'm still learning the program, but I'd love your help. 


To log into google classroom:  

username: "your username for the computer"

password:"the same password to log into computer"





Mrs. Glascock's Schedule

1st Block - Study Skills

2nd Block - Study Skills

3rd Block - Planning   

4th Block - Distance Learning


Students will need to bring a pen or pencil to class each day. I provide a binder for them to use during class to store all of their notes and assignments, but they must bring loose-leaf paper as needed.


Please contact me should you have any questions.