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  The Daily 5 (aka Centers or Workstations)


Students select from five authentic reading and writing choices, working independently toward personalized goals, while the teacher meets individual needs through whole-group and small-group instruction, as well as one-on-one conferring. These choices include

  • Read to Self,
  • Work on Writing,
  • Read to Someone,
  • Listen to Reading, and
  • Word Work.

Daily 5 classrooms produce productive, highly engaged students who are developing a true love of literacy. 


The benefits of The Daily 5 are:

  • students develop independence, stamina, and accountability;
  • less time consumed by classroom management leaves more for instruction;
  • the framework adapts flawlessly to district-adopted curriculums and state mandates;
  • improves schoolwide literacy achievement; and
  • behaviors of independence transfer to other content areas.


The CAFE structure helps teachers deliver instruction within The Daily 5 framework. It is what enables teachers to choose individualized goals, assign strategies, monitor progress, and provide just-in-time instruction to meet the needs of every student.


The structure of CAFE to focus on reading strategies is an excellent way to teach reading.  Whole class mini-lessons focus on CAFE strategies.  The Daily 5 helps with small group orgnaization and meeting individual students, which is important to monitor student progress.


The CAFE board shows the four strategies to focus on- Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary.  As we learn skills for each strategy, the children take turns posting them on a CAFE board to use as reference.  Taking ownership of reading strategies is an important part to becoming exceptional readers. The children learn to monitor thier own progress and can name the goals and the strategies with they need to help them with what goal they are working on.


View these videos to help withthe implementation of CAFE and Daily 5 in your classroom.
CAFE in 2nd Grade

Daily 5 Grade 4

Daily 5 in K-2

CAFE in 3rd & 4th Grade &  Guided Reading in 3/4

DAILY 5 in 5th & 6th

Using a FEEDBACK board in your classroom


REMEMBER!! You can use this as a guide. Use the 5 choices YOU decide will work in your classroom. If you need 6, do it. This is an excellent management tool and can be adapted to meet the needs of your classroom.