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Is your child/student is a struggling reader? Are you concerned that he/she has Dyslexic tendencies?  Browse the following sites for information and strategies to help your struggler.


I have learned that persistance and perseverance in teaching strugglers is the key to their success. Start with a comprehensive reading assessment to pinpoint weaknesses and plan explicit instruction that meets those needs, either in a one-on-one situation or in small groups. Repetition and mulitsensory strategies are necessary for many strugglers. Click here for a short overview.


Lexercise-How NOT to teach reading video series.


Understood- Lots of information on understanding struggling learners and how to move them along the reading continuum.


Reading Rockets- Amazing amount of information for parents and educators


Dyslexia Help- Video and Podcast Library


Reading Resource- This website was launched by a 1st grade teacher and a speech pathologist in an effort to help struggling readers. There is information for teachers, parents, and students!


Click HERE for apps and websites that can help your child learn to read.