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Contact Information:

Kindergarten and Second Grade Basic Skills Teacher

Little Egg Harbor School District 

George J. Mitchell Elementary School 

950 Route 539 

Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087
(609) 296 7131 ext-3601


[email protected]


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Currently, I am an Early Intervention Basic Skills Teacher for Kindergarten and Second Grade at George J. Mitchell Elementary School for the Little Egg Harbor school district in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey. Aditionally,  I serve on the I&RS committee as a Team Leader. My position allows me the awesome opportunity to do what I love to do, teach reading!


The Common Core Standards (event he "newly" revised ones) have placed demands on educators that require shifts in instruction as we prepare our students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. I believe we need to promote instruction that prepares our students to meet these standards. As educators, we need to encourage our students to be creative, flexible, and engaged learners by differentiating their instruction. We need to foster and encourage our student learners to embrace cultural diversity, critical thinking, and collaborative problem solving.


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