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When students enter the library, they are asked to follow the four basic school rules as they apply to the library in addition to five library rules.  These rules will help students stay safe, be respectful and help one another, and take responsibility for their own learning. 

School Rules:  

Be Respectful - Please treat everyone kindly. 

                        Respect books and other people's property.
Be Responsible - Please keep all books safe, especially from food and drink.

                        Please keep away from younger siblings and animals.

                        Return borrowed books on time. 

                        Please listen and follow directions.                   

Be Helpful -  Keep our library clean.  Use a shelf marker when selecting books.

                    Help your classmates whenever you can.
Be Safe - Walk in and around the library in a safe manner.

               No tipping in the chairs - Keep all chair legs on the floor.


Library Rules 

      Speak in a quiet voice
      No calling out - raise hand to talk
      Respect others - keeps hands, feet and objects to yourself
      Walk - don't run
      All four chair legs on floor



Students visit the library once a week with their class to listen to a story, practice library/information technology skills, and check out books.  Kindergartners, first and second graders check out one book per week.  Third, fourth and fifth graders may check out two books.


Books are due back the following week, or may be renewed for an additional week as long as no one has requested the title.  Books must be returned in order to check out more items. 



Overdue notices are sent home periodically. There is no fine for overdue books, but if a book is lost or damaged it must be paid for.  Students who owe money to the library risk losing the privilege of borrowing more materials and will not receive their final report card.   The replacement cost of the book is quoted on the overdue notice.  The payment will be refunded if a lost book is found and returned during the current school year.