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Welcome to Geometry!


Eighth Grade Geometry is designed for students who wish to pursue an academic course in mathematics and whose previous performance in math warrants an accelerated and enriched program. This course includes the study of deductive and inductive reasoning, geometric constructions, triangle and quadrilateral relationships, congruent and similar figures, triangle inequalities, coordinate geometry, trigonometry, transformations, and area and volume, through real world applications, practice problems and proof. 

Class Rules and Expectations


Students will…

    • Be kind and respectful to their peers and their teacher.


  • Come to class on time and be prepared with pencils, erasers, looseleaf paper, and completed homework.

  • Have homework on their desks at the beginning of the period, while they are completing their “Warm Up.”

  • Ask permission to leave their seats.

  • Follow directions the first time they are given.

  • Raise their hands and wait to be called on before speaking.


Students will need...

  • A binder with sections for Homework, Classwork, Constructions and Graded Work.

  • Plenty of looseleaf paper.

  • Two or more pencils with erasers. Work must be completed in pencil.

  • A pen for correcting work.

  • An inexpensive compass and straightedge to keep at home.

  • A positive attitude and a sense of humor.

  • A serious commitment to their work. Students who earn a B average or better for the year will have the opportunity to continue the Honors program in high school.



  • Completing daily practice outside of school is essential to developing a deep understanding of the concepts in Geometry.

  • Students will be given a homework agenda for each chapter. Assignments will also be posted on the Homework Portal.  Each chapter’s agenda will contain suggested optional additional practice problems that students can use to reinforce what we have learned in class.

  • Homework must be completed on looseleaf (or graph paper as needed).

  • Assignments must have a heading which includes name, date, page number and list of problems and the corresponding homework number.

  • Students are expected to check their homework using the textbook and/or the solutions provided in our Google Classroom. If answers are incorrect, students must re-work the problems.  There will be opportunities to ask questions in class.

  • Homework may be graded for completion or accuracy or a combination of both.  



  • Calculators will be provided for use in class – it is not necessary to purchase a calculator for use at home.

  • We will be using TI 84 Graphing Calculator; the same one is used in the high school.

  • Students will be assigned a class number that will correspond to their calculators and chromebooks. They are responsible for properly clearing, closing and returning devices to their proper locations at the end of class before leaving the room.

  • Inappropriate calculator use will result in loss of calculator privileges.


Extra Help

  • Extra help is offered during period 7 Study Hall 1 every day in Room 413.
  • Students are expected to check classwork and homework answers prior to coming for extra help. They should come prepared with questions. Extra help is not a review or re-teaching of a lesson.
  • Students don’t normally need a pass to come for extra help at lunch, but they must have a pass if they are going to miss Study Hall 1 or 2. See me for a pass during class.



  • Absent students should look at the chapter agenda and attempt the homework for the night (using the section in the book as a guide).

  • Absent students are responsible for making up missed assignments. Missed handouts may be picked up in the classroom or printed from Google Classroom.  

  • If students miss class for a music lesson, they must complete the classwork and the homework that day.



  • Are calculated using total points.

  • Are based on homework, classwork, projects, quizzes and chapter tests


Means of Communication 

  • A chapter agenda is provided to each student at the beginning of a new chapter. The agenda provides a schedule of assignments, quizzes, and tests. The agenda can be found on Google Classroom and on the Homework Portal. 

  • Google Classroom will contain announcements and all classwork and homework answer keys.

  • I strongly suggest that students and parents check grades online weekly and report any errors as soon as possible. 


Email is the best means of communication with me: I am not available to respond to emails after 6:00 PM.