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Welcome to Algebra!

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Class Rules and Expectations


Students will…

  • be kind and respectful to their peers and their teacher

  • come to class on time and be prepared with pencils, erasers, looseleaf paper, and completed homework

  • have homework on their desks at the beginning of the period, while they are completing their “Warm Up”

  • ask permission to leave their seats

  • follow directions the first time they are given

  • raise their hands and wait to be called on before speaking


Work Ethic

  • A serious work ethic and aptitude are critical ingredients for success in this course

  • Students who earn an A average for the year will have the opportunity to choose to go into the Honors program in high school

  • Students must earn a C+ or higher for the year to move on to CP Geometry in high school



  • Students will receive no more than 30 minutes (without distractions like cell phones, computers, TV, etc) of homework each night

  • Each homework assignment must have a proper heading

    • Name, date, page number and list of problems and the corresponding homework number

  • All problems (except word problems) must be written down to receive full credit on homework

    • Homework with only isolated answers will receive a zero grade

  • All odd numbered problems must be checked in the back of the book - we will not go over odd numbered answers

  • If students get an odd problem wrong, they should write the book’s answer next to the problem.  Then, they must go back and redo the problem. If students are still getting the incorrect answer, then they should ask me the following day in class or at extra help

  • If a worksheet or review is handed out in class for homework, students must check answers on Google Classroom

  • All graphing (linear, exponential, and quadratic functions) must be done on graph paper

    • Homework that is not done on graph paper will receive a zero grade

  • Homework will be graded as follows:

    • Spot check – I am looking for homework completion, along with problems written, answers from the odd problems from the book, graphing on graph paper, and proper heading.  If it is incomplete, you will receive a zero.

    • Homework Quizzes – you may have a homework quiz before each chapter test – keep your homework organized!

    • For full credit (2 points per assignment), homework must be available for class on the day it was assigned. Students may receive partial credit (1 point) for homework that is a day late.



  • We will be using TI 84 Graphing Calculator; the same one is used in the high school.

  • Usage will vary by chapter  

  • Calculators will be provided for use in class – it is not necessary to purchase a calculator for use at home

  • Inappropriate calculator use will result in loss of calculator privileges


Extra Help

  • Extra help is offered during period 7 Study Hall 1 every day in room 413
  • Prior to extra help sessions, students must complete quiz/test review and homework
  • Students are expected to check review and homework answers prior to extra help
  • Students don’t normally need a pass to come for extra help at lunch, but they must have a pass if they are going to miss Study Hall 1 or 2
  • Students must come in with questions



  • Missing classes in Algebra may affect a student’s grade.

  • Absent students should look at their agenda and attempt the homework for the night (using the section in the book as a guide)

  • Students should come in for extra help ASAP to catch up on what they missed



  • Are based upon the following: Homework, class work, concept checks, quizzes and tests

  • There will be a chapter test at the end of each chapter in Algebra 


Means of Communication 

  • A chapter agenda is provided to each student at the beginning of a new chapter. The agenda provides you with a schedule of assignments, quizzes, and tests. The agenda can be found on Google Classroom and homework is posted on homework portal. 

  • I strongly suggest that parents check grades online weekly 

  • Email is the best means of communication with me: