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Students should bring a three-ring binder, paper, Post-it notes and at least 2 sharpened pencils with erasers to class each day. 


ALL Geometry work must be done in pencil, though it is permissible for students to use pen, highlighters, or colored pencils in notes and diagrams or to correct errors. Graded work will not be accepted if it is not done in pencil.


Student binders should have four sections: (1) Class Notes & Classwork, (2) Guided Practice & Homework Problems (3) Constructions and (4) Graded Work


The textbook used is Holt McDougal Larson's Geometry. The textbook has an online version and many other resources available on the publisher's website. Students will receive a copy of the textbook and logon information during the first week of school.


A straightedge, protractor, compass, a scientific calculator, and/or a TI-84 graphing calculator will be provided for student use during class. Students should have an inexpensive compass and straightedge for use at home. It is NOT necessary to purchase a calculator for home use; scientific calculators are often available on cell phones and desktop computers. There is a link to the online graphing calculator DESMOS on tabs at the left and via our Google Classroom.