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Extra help - week of 3/27

All are welcome for extra help!

Bring questions or concepts to discuss during extra help sessions.

If you can't make these times, I may be available at other times.

Please see me to make an appointment.


Geometry Tues., 3/28@7:15 in Room 413  

Math 8 Mon., 3/27 @7:15 in Room 413

Tues., 3/28 p7 SH1 in Room 413


 Click here if you need a pass for morning extra help or you can ask me for a pass during class! 


Information about the Geometry and Math 8 courses is available by clicking one of the tabs on the left.


Homework assignments for both Geometry and Math 8 are available by clicking the Homework and Events tab or by using the Homework Portal. To open or download homework agendas, click on the Geometry Agendas tab or the Math 8 Agendas tab.  The agendas are pdf files that you can view and print using Adobe Acrobat.


Online access to the Math 8 textbook - Students can access the e-book and homework help resources by clicking on the "Math 8 Online Textbook" link at the left. 


Online access to the Geometry textbook is available by clicking on the "Geometry Online Textbook" link at the left.  You can also get there directly using The user name and password are available in our Google Classroom!  There is also a link to access the textbook there.