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Mr. Duchaj's Class

Dear Parents,




Please use this website to help your child with any subjects that they might need help with. I hope you find this website filled with a lot of great resources for your child. 





  • Please remember your child WILL NOT be allowed to go home differently unless I have a note or proper contact has been made through the office.  Email is not an acceptable method of notification.  Although I try to check my email throughout the day, there is no guarantee that I will be able to do so.  Word of mouth is not enough.  Children often get days and instructions mixed up.

  • Please be sure to keep me updated with any changes in phone or email addresses.



About Mr. Duchaj






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Contact Information

School Office (770)443-4244

E-mail: [email protected]


Phone contact is often difficult; therefore, I encourage you to e-mail with any questions or concerns. Many times, I can respond much sooner by e-mail than by phone.

However, please DO NOT e-mail transportation changes. All changes must go through the front office prior to 12:00.



Parents play a very important role in their child’s school experience. Each year, I need parents to volunteer for Room Parent, PTA events, and helping the classroom teacher either by coming in to the school to work or working at home on projects. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please let me know. I can find jobs for anyone at any time.




Weekly Work

Weekly work will be sent home every Tuesday in the Shelton envelop or Tuesday Folder. Within the Shelton envelop or Tuesday Folder you will find the work from the previous week. Please make sure you go through the weekly work and review the materials that are inside with your child. Sign the envelope or folder and have your child return the envelope the next day. Please Note: Always check the GO Binder daily for important papers. Some things need to go home prior to or after Tuesday.




If your child is absent, please remember to send me a note so that the absence can be excused. Refer to the attendance policy within our handbook.


Transportation Information

If your child will be going home a different way other than what you have listed on the transportation sheet, you must send a written note to let us know. Transportation changes cannot be made without a note. If you make transportation changes in the office prior to 12:00, they will notify me. Please remember that this is for the safety of our children. Please do not e-mail me any transportation change request.


Mr. Duchaj


































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