Welcome to 
      Mrs. Burg's Art Room!
"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time" - Thomas Merton  

        The Gould Art room is a vibrant, colorful place that encourages creativity and self expression.  From the student's first days at Gould, I emphasize the importance of showing respect to all people and of showing kindness to all so that all students will feel safe to take artistic risks.  I remind students that this includes showing respect and kindness to themselves
         Regardless of a student's innate artistic ability, or what sort of professional future they envision for themselves, they have the right to express themselves creatively in the visual arts.  To that end, I seek to build, step-by-step, sequential projects that build their artistic skills, creativity and confidence during their three years at Gould.  I strive to help them look at the world around them as an artist might and I continually model imbuing all aspects of life with creativity