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Greetings from 6th grade English Language Arts. Throughout the course  of the school year, we will journey through four different thematic units comprising Facing Your Fears, Animal Intelligence, Natural Disasters and Telling Your Tales. While the themes remain the same, the class work associated with each will vary based upon class skill level.


About me: I grew up in Western New York, completed my schooling at the State University of New York College at Brockport. I have worked as a journalist and/  or educator since obtaining my degrees. I moved to Lee County in 2005. I enjoy  traveling, my family and  my pets. I have two large black dogs named Cora and Lucky and a chocolate Siamese cat named Bella.


 Classroom Codes:

Period 1: tlewmw

Period 2: lu79iw0

Period 5: 7ccnugn

Period 6: iztt91

Period 7: upsehvy

Period  8: 7cuh9q

Period 9: vvefnj

Period 10: 66brhu

Michelle L. Start

English Department Head

English Academic Coach

School Grant Writer


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