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¡Bienvenidos a la Clase del Español

Class materials:  Needed for class EVERY day!
  • One section in AM or PM binder for Spanish (can be separate if you want it to be.)

  • One bound composition notebook (NO spiral or loose leaf!)

  • Pen and sharpened pencil (pencil suggested, but it’s personal preference)

  • Dry-erase markers (2-3 suggested numbers for extras)

 Class Expectations 
All students will get this document in class and it will be reviewed in class.  However, if you are interested, click HERE for the class expectations!  
Extra Help
Mondays Room 214 2:25-2:40 ... Passes available in the classroom.  Prior notice of at least 24 hours required before attending.
WAMS Mission Statement
The mission of William Annin Middle School is to promote a safe and supportive environment to ensure that our students can advance towards their future as knowledgeable, open-minded, responsible and compassionate individuals who can create positive changes in our world.
Bernards Township World Language Department Mission Statement
The Bernard's Township World Language Program utilizes interpersonal, interpretive and presentational activities to help our students reach the language proficiency and cultural awareness levels necessary for them to become knowledgeable and cooperative citizens in a global society.
WAMS Academic Integrity Policy LINK <-- Click here.


More ideas for practice for anyone who is interested!