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Welcome 5th Grade Historians!! The fifth grade curriculum covers the earliest Native Americans to settle the  North American continent to the beginning of the Revolutionary War. This includes exploration and colonization of America. We will also study current events and the basic geography of the United States, in addition, singing the states and capitals song will be offered as 10 points bonus for one marking period. 


Grading: Non-weighted Points

  • Classwork/Homework 5-10 points
  • Quizzes 10-30 points
  • Projects 40+ points
  • Tests 60+ points
  •  C.A.P.P. (Cooperation, Attitude, Participation and Preparation) 20 points each marking period: students can lose 1 point per day as necessary.

      **Make sure that you put your full name, date and class period on each assignment. 

      **All nondigital homework should be completed with pencil. 


Late Work: 

  • Homework- 1 class day late = 20% reduction, 2 or more class days late = 50% reduction.
  • Projects- 10% reduction for each class day late up to 50% reduction.
  • All late work must be turned in by the end of the marking period.
  • One class day grace is given for each excused absent. 
  • Please contact me in case you have special circumstances.


Most work will be digital, but students should turn written late work into the Late Work Basket. Write the word "Absent" at the top of work that is late due to an absence. 


If Your Child is Absent:


  • Check Google classroom for missed assignments.
  • Students should pick up missed worksheets from extra worksheet basket. 


*****If you have a concern you may contact me by email at