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Important Dates: Coming.... completed study guides are due the class before the quiz/test.  Quizzes are in the ISN starting on page 90 and the test HAS to be on the blank study guide form I gave in class, as your notebook is graded during the test.  Notebooks may be used on all quizzes, only the completed test study guide form may be used on the test.




Thermos Project (in class) 


Element Project Criteria:  Element Research Project.pdf 


Investigation 1 : ISN notes  investigation 1 isn chemical.pdf 

Investigation 2 ISN notes  investigation 2 checmical.pdf 

Investigation 3 ISN notes  investigation 3 chemical.pdf 

Investigation 4 ISN notes  inv. 4 isn cr.pdf 

Investigation 5 ISN notes  5 chemicals isn.pdf 

Investigation 6 ISN notes  6 chemicals isn.pdf 

Investigation 7 ISN notes  7 chemicals isn.pdf 

Investigation 8 ISN notes  8 chemicals isn.pdf 

Investigation 9 ISN notes  9 chemicals isn.pdf 

Investigation 10 ISN notes  10 chemicals isn.pdf 


Table of Contents   Table of Contents(2).pdf