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Welcome to Earth History in 7th grade science.   The link to the FOSS class webpage is:   click on class sign in tab bottom left side of page



The login is madearthscience7ncs

The Password is: madscience




Important Dates: Coming.... completed study guides are due the class before the quiz/test.  Quizzes are in the ISN starting on page 126 and the test HAS to be on the blank study guide form I gave in class, as your notebook is graded during the test.  Notebooks may be used on all quizzes, only the completed test study guide form may be used on the test.



Here are some important links:

How to access FOSS web:  FOSSweb_Student_Access_Information.pdf 


 Earth history Vocabulary Words that need to be in your index:  earth history vocab words.docx.pdf 

Earth History Vocabulary Definitons:  earth history vocab definitions.docx.pdf 


Earth History Unit Test Study Guide:  earth history test study guide.pdf 

Earth History Unit Test Study Guide Answer Key:  earth history test study guide answer key.pdf 



ISN Notebook masters:  earth history noteboon masters.pdf 

Teacher masters we showed in class are here:  earth history teacher masters.pdf 

Table of Contents Unit 1  Table of Contents unit 1.pdf 

ISN p. 27-31    earth history 1.1 p 27-31.pdf 

ISN p 32-37   earth history 1.1 b p 32-37.pdf  Quiz 3 4.pdf 

ISN p 39-41, 26  earth history isn 39-41, 26.pdf 

ISN p 32-36    earth history isn p 32-36.pdf 

ISN p. 42-47   earth history isn p 42-46.pdf 

ISN p. 48-53   earth history isn 48-53.pdf 

ISN p. 54-57    earth history isn p 54-57.pdf 

ISN p. 58-59         earth history isn p 58-59.pdf 

ISN p. 60-62      earth history isn p 60-62.pdf 

ISN p  63-65           earthhisotry isn 63-65.pdf 

ISN p  67-71     earth history isn p 67-71.pdf 

ISN p. 72-76  earth history isn p. 72-76.pdf 

ISN p. 77-81   earth history isn p 77-81.pdf 

Quiz 1/2-  Earth hihstory quiz 1-2.pdf 

Quiz 3/4 -   Quiz 3 4.pdf 

Quiz 5/6 - study guide -  5-6 quiz study guide.pdf 

Quiz 7 - study guide for quiz 7 -  7 quiz.pdf 


ISN p. 82-84  earth history isn 82-84.pdf 

ISN p. 85-90   earth history isn p 85-90.pdf 

ISN p. 91-92   earth history isn p. 90-91.pdf 

ISN p. 93-05   earth history isn p 93-95.pdf 

ISN p. 96-97    earth history isn p 96-97.pdf 

ISN p. 98-106   earth history isn p 98-106.pdf 

ISN p. 107-113   earth history isn p 107-113.pdf 

ISN p 114-121     earth history isn p 114-121.pdf 

ISN p 122-124    earth history isn p 122-124.pdf 



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