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Unit 1 videos and links

States of Matter:

Molecular view of a solid:

Molecular view of a liquid:

Molecular View of a Gas:

Heating and Cooling 1.2 :

Solids Liquids Gases





nergy and Rollercoasters:

Amusement Park Physics

 Energy and Rollercoasters

Energy Transfer in Rollercoasters

Energy Song


Kinetic Energy - How it works


force and Motion: Force and motion cartoon video Forces in nature force and motion facts Gravity, force, motion video


Metric conversion


Gravity - free fall video:


forces in fluids- Pascal's principle


Microwaves: how microwaves work


Newton's Laws  first law newton's laws newton's laws song newton's law and game


Paper Airplanes - bernoulli's Principle fun facts how to throw paper airplan tumblewing airplanes


States of Matter


Density displacement video


electricity and Energy song




History of Batteries and Electricity


circuits Song


Electricty song


Energy hustle Song