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         I have been a teacher since December 1986, and I have been teaching in Northfield since September 1988. I started out as the Gifted and Talented Teacher and a computer lab instructor with TRS-80 computers! I've taught K-8 Gifted and Talented and computer lab. I've also taught 4th grade, 5th grade Social Studies, 7th and 8th grade BSI math, 7th and 6th grade Social Studies, and  8th grade - 21st Century Life Skills. I am currently teaching 7th grade  Science.


              I feel that students learn the best by doing things. What will students remember about history 10, 20, 30 years from now? Will they remember specific details or the main idea? I believe that they will remember the main ideas and the projects they did to enhance that.  I remember mainly 2 things from my own time as a student in history class. The first one was a Native American project in 3rd grade. I had the Iroqouis tribe. I created a longhouse out of salt reed from the local marshes and I dressed my Barbie (she had short black hair and talked if you pulled a string) and Ken up in Native American clothing my mom and I made. I can still see those dolls in their buckskin color clothing. The second item was most of Mr. Klepac's US History 2 class at OCHS. He was great. We had a quiz every week so those big ideas stuck in our heads. He would rewind parts in a film that he wanted to emphasize the visual effect and point. The later you had his class in the day, the more you saw the clip. We had a tally chart going and the class would tell the next class coming in what the record was. He made history fun - by stories and the way he taught. I try to follow his example by trying to make history fun and come alive for the students. Hopefully one of our projects the students will remember fondly over the next 40 years of their life.


             I love to travel and see the historical places around the country and world. My family complains because I turn each vacation in to history  lesson. 





Contact info:  [email protected] 


Remind Sign up: Science only: text @5da35 to 81010

                             Mrs. Devine's Homeroom only: text @5e6db to 81010;  



ISN Table of Contents:  ISN Table of Contents general.pdf 


CER Paragraph Info:

How to write one:  How to Write a Scientific Explanation.pdf 

 CER Rubric:  cer writing rubric.pdf 

Need Help Completing Classwork/Homework: 

Classwork Checklist:   Science Classwork Checklist (1).pdf 

Homework Checklist:   Science Homework Checklist (1).pdf 


7th Grade Science Syllabus


We are following the FOSS Mext Generation Science Series.  The units are:

  1. Earth History
  2. Chemical Interactions
  3. Electromagnetic Forces
  4. Gravity and kinetic Energy

Grading is by point totals

Late Work is graded and the following is then taken off

-20 points 1 day late

-50 points 2 days or more late

Projects are 10% of grade per day


To contact Mrs Devine: [email protected].  Provide a phone number if you wish to be called back to discuss anything,

REMIND 101:  enter this #  81010  text this: @5da35  to be signed up for Science reminders


Supplies for class:

You will need the following items for class each day:
3 Notebooks - composition preferred as we will be creating interactive notebooks this year.
Writing utensil - pen or pencil
Folder or binder for loose papers and worksheets - your choice
Assignment Book

Other items needed for your Interactivfe Science Notebook:
crayons/colored pencils
glue sticks
scotch tape



Student Responsibilities for Each Unit:

1. ISN must be updated each class.  Use the study guide to make sure you have everything you need for the test in your notebook. 


2. If you lose a worksheet - they are online, below, complete it and turn it in.


3. After completing a lab, the student is responsible for the ISN page in their ISN.  I recommend to do this right after the lab.  If it is not completed in class, it is homework.


4. Students may use their ISN on the test/quiz.


5. The ISN is graded at the end of each unit - it is a grade.  Use the rubric to get a 100%  You cannot redo this grade - so make it count


6. If a child is absent, they are to see Mrs. Devine to borrow the class notebook (it cannot leave the classroom - so come during encore or a friend to get the missing work.


7.  All classrwork is either a lab or research project everyday - try not to be absent.  We do 2 lessons a day.


8. ISN cannot be updated on test day - they need to be done ahead of time!  Once it isturned in that is the grade.  


9. Students are expected to clean up after themselves at the end of class and put all materials away properly.


10. If a student forgets something at their locker and leaves class to get it, a loss of 5 preparedness points will be deducted from the marking period grade for preparedness.



Other forms

Letter on google doc


Cooking videos:

 Asian Chicken Citrus Salad.m4v 

 Seasonal Greens with Oranges and Goat Cheese with Vinaigrette.m4v 

 assorted dips.m4v 

 chicken noodle soup.m4v 

 beef soup.m4v 


Important NJ Science Link

 This year we will be implementing the NJ Department of Education's Next Generation Science Curriculum.  This link will give an overview of 7th grade science.  The days are for 42 minute classes - we have 84 minutes every other day, so the suggested timeline will be adjusted for our schedule - 2 lessons per class to cover all required material. We will also cover Forces and Motion and Types of Interactions that is now part of the 6th grade curriculum.