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Algebra I

This is a highschool level class, and I expect students to treat it that way.  We will be covering many topics of Algebra including equations, inequalities, functions, exponents, and many others.  In addition we will be emphasizing the application of these ideas to solving real-world problems.  We will be using the Big-Ideas textbook as a guide on our journey, but we will also do some exploring outside the textbook.




For the third marking period, students must complete 150 topics of their choice in Algebra 1 to the level of excellent (smartscore of 90 and 3 ribbon)




Google classroom Code:  5xt5bi9 , must use school account to join!!


Desmos Class Codes:






On-line textbook ->

Access code for textbook:  285M-ASNP-NHS4


Graphing Calculator ->


e-mail -> [email protected]