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Liberty Corner School

Fifth Grade Student Council!!!


Liberty Corner School’s Student Council consists of eight to ten Fifth graders. These students are selected by their peers. Any interested student can run for office. He/she must prepare and present a speech to his/her class. After speeches are presented, then elections are held.


Meetings are held once a month. Each member is encouraged to invite a classmate to sit in on the meeting. The Fifth grade Student Council is very active. Students brainstorm "Theme Day" ideas as well as other ways to boost school spirit.  Here are some of the programs that these students as well as other Fifth graders help to organize and put together.


The Corner Store


Our school store is open whenever their is a School Spirit Day in the  morning from 8:35 am until 8:55 am in the Cafeteria.  The Store will be open once a month. 

Students can purchase pens, pencils, pocket folders, erasers, notepads, pencil sharpeners, as well as different LCS-related items. Prices range from five cents to two dollars.


Proceeds from the Store will benefit a local charity each year.








Fifth Grade Car Wash

** Our car wash has become an annual Spring event! The car wash is typically held on a Saturday in May or June in our school’s parking lot. All Fifth grade students are asked to volunteer one hour to help wash cars to raise money for local agencies and charities. Our students’ hard work has helped us raise thousands of dollars for local agencies. Past proceeds have been donated to the Liberty Corner Volunteer Fire Department, Liberty Corner Volunteer Rescue Department, Paige Whitney Babies Center, Hurricane Katrina Red Cross Relief Fund, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation New Jersey Chapter and The Valerie Center at Morristown Memorial Hospital.