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 Character Traits

Character Traits 2



Nonfiction Texts


Fiction Vs. Nonfiction

Poetry/ Figurative Language

Main Idea

Tall Tales

Tall Tales/ Legends

Folk Tales

Author's Purpose



Context Clues




 PARENT PIPELINE (Click below for helpful reading strategies)


Check for Understanding


Back up and Reread


Cross Check for Accuracy


Tune in to Interesting Words


Voracious Reading


Monitor and Fix Up








Click the following link(s) for games to practice our skills:


Two Letters  (Beginning Blends Practice)


Penguins on Ice  (Language Arts Skills)


Clubhouse  (Sentence Work)


Grammar Blast (Sentences)




Starfall PHONICS


Between the Lions Stories Online


Beatrix Potter Stories


BAB Books


Create a Sentence PATCHWORK


Sentence Clubhouse


Dr. Seuss


Primary Games