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Welcome to Ms. Mayeux’s Second Grade Class!



     I’m excited to have you in my class and look forward to a wonderful school year.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. I have been a teacher for 34 years with over 15 years in 2nd grade.  Most of my years have been in 1st or 2nd grade, but I've also taught 3rd and 5th. Second Grade has been my favorite! I am married with 2 children: Hudson and Paige,  and my son in law named Chris.  We are blessed to all live in the same area.  

      In Second Grade we learn many new skills as well as RESPONSIBILITY!  The most important thing is for your child to try their best at ALL times.  I’m a firm believer in the motto, “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again!” We do alot of "erase and fix"!  

     Your child will have homework(HW) Monday through Thursday.  Assignments are written on a “Homework Agenda” and should be kept in their orange “Daily” folder. The  Behavior sheet should stay in the back of their orange folder.  Please initial it DAILY.  This folder is a great place for us to communicate. Put any notes, monies, excuses, etc. in this folder.

     Graded papers from the previous week will go home in a RED folder on Wednesdays.  Please sign the signature sheet inside the folder each week.  You may keep all papers, EXCEPT the F papers.  Review these papers with your child, correct the mistakes and return the papers.

     Louisiana uses the Common Core State curriculum.  Our English Language Arts (ELA) grade is “blocked” into one grade on their report card.  ELA includes: Reading, English, Phonics and Spelling. In a 100% grading system, our READING grades will carry 60% of the total grade.   English,  Phonics and Spelling are 40% of the total grade.

     The Common Core curriculum requires us to pull many different resources to meet the standards. For this to work, we must use materials from many resources.  We use text books, trade books, online books, chapter books and other sources. I’ll list the stories, books, and pages on their Weekly Homework Agenda.  Read nightly with your child and discuss what you’ve read. Practice Reading, Spelling and English skills.

      In addition to the Math Common Core standards, we will work on memorizing our basic math facts.  These facts will be assessed weekly as a Speed test.  Allowing your child to help out in the kitchen will strengthen Math skills. Telling time, counting money, and regrouping are tough skills for many second graders, so work on these any chance you see the opportunity.

     Social Living consists of both Science and Social Studies.  We began with Social Studies for the first semester, then do Science the second semester.  Tests will be scheduled on HW sheet as we complete each unit. Study guides will be sent home prior to testing.

     I expect many things from your child.  Thanks for sharing your child with me this year.  Together we can make Second Grade a positive experience.  Please feel free to call the office at 665-4079 or email me at if you have any questions or want to schedule a conference.