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Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.

—Walter Cronkite



General information

Hours of Operation:


The library is open Monday thru Friday during school hours.  During this time, students will be allowed to check out books, return books, take AR test, or put books on hold.


Library Fines:


At this time, we do not charge library fines for late books but we do ask that when you finish reading a book, please be kind and return it so that someone else can enjoy reading it.


Lost or Damaged Books:


If a book is lost or damaged, it is the responsibility of the student (or family member) to pay for the library book.  Payment for a lost or damaged book is reinbursed should the book be found and returned in good condition.  If a student withdraws from the school, all materials owed must be returned to the library.  If a students is facing a hardship and having diffiuculty making a payment, please contact the librarian: [email protected].